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Chilli IQ 6th Annual Managing Partners Conference Boutique & Small Firms

Pleased to be chairing Day 1 of the 2 day Managing Partners Conference for Boutique and Small Law Firms at Mansion Hotel Werribee Park Vic on Thursday 16 August. 

Great line up of speakers and attendees.


Pricing has the greatest effect on your firms profitability so shouldn’t you make pricing a core competency in your firm? In this challenging and interactive session I will present & discuss a better pricing model particularly suited to innovative 21st century boutique and small firms. In particular I will focus on: - The different pricing models available to lawyers that don’t focus solely on time or inputs but on outcomes, results, benefits & value to clients - The challenges and the opportunities in moving away from time based billing - Navigating your way around transitioning to value based pricing model - Why and how changing your pricing model will transform your firm - How you might implement in your practice.

Click here for link to the program and registration details if you want to join me at this terrific 2 day event.

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Going Timeless Workshop: Association Of Legal Administrators
1:45 PM13:45

Going Timeless Workshop: Association Of Legal Administrators

Nothing impacts a law firm's profit as much as pricing does. In recent years, firms have been exposed to all types of billing and pricing models. However, most of these are still based on the "we sell time" mindset. This session will confront the conventional wisdom of the traditional law firm business model and expose the folly that you cannot run a successful law firm without recording time. By the end of the session, you'll have a much better business and pricing model — one that's been adopted by hundreds of professional firms all over the world — that frees lawyers from the restrictions and the deleterious effects of the billable hour and recording time. This interactive workshop will show you how you can run a timeless practice and will provide real-life insights into how some law firms have adopted and flourished under this new business model.


  • Examine how billing by time is a suboptimal pricing model for good lawyers.
  • Discover genuine alternatives to time-based billing that firms can use that are more strategic.
  • Show that firms do not need to record time to run successful practices
  • Demonstrate that making a move to a nontime-based pricing is not as difficult as what most think.

    Other Information:

    • 90 Minutes
    • Audience: Intermediate
    • CLM App Management Category -FS: Financial Management
    • CPE Field of Study: Finance

    Register for full event here

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    Pricing Masterclasses:NZ
    to Mar 23

    Pricing Masterclasses:NZ

    Thursday Auckland.

    Friday Christchurch

    These 2 full day Pricing Masterclass workshops have been designed specifically for those in the legal profession who are genuinely looking for a replacement for time based billing and have considered value-based pricing but have been unsure where to start.

    This workshop will help those who wish to gain an understanding of different pricing models available that better reflect the value practitioners provide to their clients and the practical implications and results of making a transition to a timeless pricing model. 

    Presented by Australia’s leading expert on pricing transformation in the legal profession, John Chisholm, and David Wells, Managing Principal at Moores. Participants will gain valuable insight from David’s practical experience of implementing Moores Agreed Pricing (MAP).

    Topics covered include:

    • How is the Timeless Law firm different to the Law Firm of Yesterday?
    • What are the benefits of moving to a value pricing business and pricing model
    • The value discussion-understanding the clients’ perception of value
    • The value proposition – moving from inputs to outcomes
    • A better practice model – from cost plus pricing to pricing on purpose
    • The pros & cons in moving away from time based billing to value based pricing
    • A case study – How one firm transformed to a timeless legal practice
    • How you can make the transition to timeless pricing

    Special Offer

    Gain valuable insight for not only yourself but also your Firm leader. Implementing change is more successful if the Practice Manager and the Firm leader have the same understanding and knowledge of different pricing models and the benefits to the firm. If you are a Member of ALPMA and wish to register a colleague you will receive the member price for both registrations.

    Presented By

    John Chisholm | John Chisholm Consulting

    As a practising lawyer, managing partner and chief executive John was well placed to experience first hand both the benefits but also the drawbacks of the legal profession pricing their services solely by reference to time. 

    For several years he has been urging the legal profession in Australia to not only stop billing their services by time but also to burn their timesheets. He works with law firms (and their clients) assisting them with both a mindset change, and the practical implementation of moving towards value based pricing to become Firms of the Future instead of firms of the past.

    A prolific blogger, writer and presenter on pricing in law firms both in Australia and overseas John is longtime member of the Law Council of Australia, ALPMA, and lecturer at Leo Cussen Centre For Law.

    David Wells | Managing Principal | Moores

    After joining the Moores team in July 1997, David practised in dispute resolution for 10 years, becoming a partner in 1999 and an accredited mediator in 2000.
    Moores has been an incorporated legal practice since July 2006. A review of the practice leadership structure in 2006 culminated in a resolution to replace the existing Management Executive with a Managing Principal. David commenced as Managing Principal of Moores in March 2007. 

    In David’s view, the most important decision made by Moores occurred in August 2011 when the Principals resolved to transform the practice from operating under a time based model to a value based model. That has involved renewing or replacing several key systems including knowledge management, performance management, project management and business development as well as budgets and reports.

    The vision for that initiative is to shape a legal practice which will create lifetime value for clients for whom Moores chooses to act and which will afford people on the Moores team an opportunity to undertake rewarding and stimulating work.

    David’s mantra for Moores comes from a book by noted business thinker and strategist, Gary Hamel titled What Matters Now:

    “Create a work environment that inspires exceptional contribution and that merits an outpouring of passion, imagination and initiative.”

    Event Costs

    ALPMA Members: $550 (plus GST)

    Non Members*: $650 (plus GST) - *Non Members must be eligible to join ALPMA

    Numbers strictly limited. Register via this link 


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    12:00 PM12:00

    Webinar: Ethics of Timeless Pricing

    Lawyers have moral and legal obligations to always act ethically and in their clients’ best interests. Proponents of non-time-based pricing believe that timeless pricing is a far better way of pricing legal services for both lawyers and their clients, AND more accurate, transparent and ethical than traditional time based billing.

    Join Australian’s most well known Pricing Specialist, John Chisholm, as he controversially challenges the conventional wisdom of billing by time and argues why timeless pricing is a more ethical way of practising law.

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    Digital Legal Practice & Innovation Masterclass:Sydney
    to Feb 24

    Digital Legal Practice & Innovation Masterclass:Sydney

    College of Law Sydney
    Level 16, St James Centre
    111 Elizabeth St
    Sydney NSW 2000

    Don’t miss this opportunity to attend CLI's first-ever Masterclass in new law.

    In this workshop we will take you through the A to Z of the differences between traditional legal practice and new law. Topics to be covered include:

    • Developing, implementing and measuring the innovation mindset;
    • Strategising and business planning in a disruptive legal market;
    • Design thinking as the foundation for client experience (the new business development model);
    • Value versus hourly billing and how to make a profit;
    • New work, new skills, new leaders, new workforce – the new people paradigm and how to make it your competitive advantage;
    • Using small data to make better big decisions; and
    • Demystifying legal tech (or what you really need to know to deliver what clients want!)

    We know there are many opportunities to learn a little about many of these topics in a number of different places. This workshop is different. We encourage you to come along ready to roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in candid conversations and experience-sharing facilitated by our faculty of leading practitioners and consultants. We will work with you to cut through the hype and understand what and how the changes in our industry apply to you and your law firm/legal department/legal agency. Most importantly, you will know how all these pieces fit together. You will leave this Masterclass with practical tips and tools to use as soon as you return to work and the new metrics you need to measure your progress.

    If you are in a leadership or senior/mid management role in a law firm, legal department (corporate, government or agency) or a community legal centre, this Masterclass is for you.

    Full Price: $1500 (incl. GST)
    Alumni/Member Price: $1350 (incl. GST)

    If you wish to register more than one person from the same firm or organisation, please contact us at to discuss group discounts.



    Spaces are limited so Register Now to secure your spot at our inaugural Masterclass.

    If you wish to be kept in the loop about all the exciting Masterclass developments, fill in the following form so that CLI can stay in touch with you.

    If you have an enquiry about the event, please also feel free to email us.

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    to Nov 11

    VeraSage Symposium

    • Allen, Texas United States (map)
    • Google Calendar ICS

    Every 2 years Fellows of VeraSage (the revolutionary think tank for professional knowledge firms which challenge people to break free of practice methods that marginalize their professions, undermine their purposes, and fail their clients) get together to share ideas and learn from one another.

    This year we are opening our Symposium up to any like minded professional to join us for 2 days on the weekend of the 11-12 November.

    For more information click Versage Symposium

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    to Oct 21

    Future Firm Forum

    This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Future Firm Forum!  From humble beginnings, the event has now matured into one of the most engaging events in the forward-thinking lawyer's calendar.

    With the legal services industry changing so rapidly, the Forum is more relevant than ever. So, why not come and join us this October for a fabulous week-end at magical Millbrook, near Queenstown, New Zealand!

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