What every small business focussed law firm needs: Timeless Legal Network


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAcIAAAAJGUyYzkyMDdmLWM2MzctNDY2My1hZWQzLWRmM2QyYTJlNzM2YwLet me introduce you to a new offering designed specifically for small business focussed law firms that I am very proud to be involved with Timeless Legal Network. Timeless is not a law firm but a growing network of progressive, independent law firms supported by products and services whose sole purpose is to help member firms and their clients become more successful.

Those involved in Timeless are former practicing lawyers (like me) and we know firsthand that the business of law can be immensely rewarding but also sometimes particularly tough and lonely for small law firms and sole practitioners who often feel they might not have the support and the tools necessary to make their practice thrive.

Timeless have created some powerful tools to assist lawyers gain an advantage to build a highly profitable and sustainable legal practice. Timeless Roadmap is a diagnostic tool for lawyers to obtain a comprehensive overview of where their clients businesses are at. As the name suggests-and as you would expect from something I am involved in-Timeless Advantage is an online self paced course that educates lawyers on both the concept and the practical application ofTimeless Pricing.

In the future Timeless will be launching more products and services designed specifically for small to mid tier law firms, as well as matching businesses with Timeless Lawyers who practice Timeless Pricing.

If you are interested in Timeless please feel free to contact me, click the orange tag on any page on the Timeless Legal Network website with an enquiry or a question, or email Beth McLean founder of Timeless Legal Network at beth.maclean@timelesslegalnetwork.com.

In the meantime to understand more about what drove Beth to launch Timeless and what it is all about take a listen to this Art Of Value interview titled "Going timeless in the legal profession",and watch these videos on Timeless Legal Network's YouTube channel.









*Disclaimer: I have a financial and passionate interest in Timeless.

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