USA here we come

Just to let you know that from this Thursday 11th April until 30th April I am going to be in the USA. USA Flag

What am I going to be doing in the States?

Unfortunately I won’t be lucky enough to be joining my bro-in-law this week in Augusta at the US Masters-however I will be seeing a Rangers ice hockey game at Madison Square Garden and a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

More importantly though, I will be catching up with some old & some new friends and colleagues, attending a couple of really good conferences and presenting & working with some firms-including some Firms of the Future. It will be interesting to find out on the ground how the professions are travelling, and in particular look at what is happening in some of the more innovative practices. There is still a fascination for several firms in the US about Australia and the wider Asia Pacific rim so that will make for some interesting exchanges.

The “Tour” starts off this Friday at Georgetown University Law School with a one day Symposium titled “The Shrinking Pyramid:Implications for Law Practice & the Legal Profession". A good panel of speakers for what I am sure will be a very enlightening day.

Also attending this Symposium will be fellow value pricing devotee, lawyer extraordinaire to entrepreneurs, editor of the Venture lawyer and cycling fanatic from Richmond, Virginia, Thomas Bowden.

I am also looking forward to catching up with Ron Friedmann from Prism Legal a non practicing lawyer, strategic legal technology advisor, blogger & commentator, who I first met in 2009 at an AFA Conference in San Francisco, as well as one of the presenters Mitch Kowalski, innovative thinker, lawyer and author of “Avoiding Extinction: Reimagining Legal Services for the 21st Century”.

Andrew Barnes, national board member & Treasurer of the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association and financial controller at Harwood Andrews Lawyers, together with Andrew Price, COO of Wotton &Kearney Lawyers, also arrive in Washington DC  on 13 April to attend the annual 3 day Association of Legal Administrators Conference .

Whilst in Washington will also meet with fellow Verasagi and owner of an Accounting and Advisory Firm of the Future, Adrian Simmons from Laurel, Maryland.

After the ALA Conference, the Andrews and I head to New York on 18 April for some meetings with firms including specialist whistleblower lawyer and long time friend Lesley Skillen.

Next stop on 21 April is Boston, not only visiting more firms, but also fellow Verasage Senior Fellows Jay Shepherd, recovering lawyer, speaker & author, and pocket dynamo entrepeneur turned lawyer Chris Marston CEO and founder of the Examplar Group.

From 24 April I get to spend a few days in LA with our youngest daughter Erin (to help her move apartments she tells me today- what are Dad’s for?). Between shifting boxes, I will also spend time with co founder of The Verasage Institute, business consultant and “not just another CPA” Dan Morris,  young Firm of the Future entrepeneur Michael Hsu, The Last Honest Lawyer’s Mike Ayotte  and hopefully the man himself Ron Baker.

If anyone else is in the general proximity of those places around the same time, please give me a shout out so we can catch up.

In the meantime you can keep up to date with articles, news and opinions by following me on:

Twitter: @ChisConsult



I will of course be online via email and all the other social media communication channels save via my mobile (thanks to the incredibly high charges our Australian communication providers impose) and will be writing about some of my US experiences on my return.

Meanwhile as my late friend and mentor Paul O'Byrne would always say

Carpe Diem