Upcoming CPD Workshop: Practical solutions for implementing timeless pricing (27 October 2016)

JohnChisholm with David Wells and Liz Harris'Cutting edge for the profession by people who have under taken value based pricing' 'Best CPD program I have attended at Leo Cussen to date'

'Inspiring! Challenging! I will go away with lots to think about and ideas to help design my legal practice'

If you want to learn more about 20th century law firm BS such as realisation, utilisation, time recording, hourly rates & WIP write ons & offs, this workshop is definitely not for you (There are plenty of other programs around that will assist you to remain an undifferentiated Law Firm Of the Past).

But for those 21st century motivated professionals wishing to 'test the waters' of being a timeless law firm and exploring value based pricing David Wells, Managing Principal of Moores and Liz Harris, Costs Lawyer and Principal at Allocatur Consulting and I will once again be presenting a full day workshop at Leo Cussen Centre For Law.

This is an opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of value based pricing and insights into both the challenges faced and the results that have and can be achieved by transitioning away from time based billing.

Free yourself, your team and your clients from the restrictions of timesheets and the billable hour and learn how to run a timeless law firm.

Modern law firms are being challenged by various market and operational factors like never before. These challenges can create great opportunities for those law firms open to a mindset and business model change.

This workshop confronts the conventional wisdom embodied in the traditional law firm business model, which operates by leveraging people x time x hourly rate. The workshop presents an increasingly popular alternative business model offering bold, proven strategies for restoring vitality and dynamism to your practice.

Topics covered include:

  • Starting with why: your purpose, strategy and positioning
  • How is the Timeless Law firm different to the Law Firm of Yesterday?
  • Your value proposition – Quality, Price, Service and Intellectual Capital
  • A better practice model – moving from cost plus pricing to pricing on purpose
  • The pros & cons in moving away from time based billing to value based pricing
  • A case study – How one firm runs a timeless legal practice-tips for implementing a new pricing model
  • What clients think
  • The ways your firm could make the transition to timeless pricing

This workshop will provide real life experiences and insights into how legal practices and their clients have and can adapt to this better practice model.

David Wells will discuss his firm's journey in moving away from time based billing and time recording and Liz Harris will provide both an understanding of the clients perspective and law firms' compliance with the Uniform Law.

Places are limited.

For further information & bookings contact Leo Cussen Website or ring them on 1300 039 031 or  +61 (3) 9602 3111

Date: Thursday 27 October 2016

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Total CPD Units: 6

Venue: Leo Cussen Centre for Law, 360 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

Cost: $620.00 (inc. GST)



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