Ron Baker Back In Australia


leftleftJust giving you all some advance notice that Ron Baker – founder of The Verasage Institute, economist, author, speaker, value based pricing expert, knowledge worker advocate and one of the world’s foremost thought leaders for professional firms will be returning to Australia in March, 2012. This is Ron’s 8th visit to Australia. Ron will be presenting full day Firm Of The Future forums in Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney plus optional Masterclasses. The full details of dates, times and venues will be announced by the end of January.

These Forums will be primarily based around two of Ron’s best-selling books, The Firm of the Future: A Guide for Accountants, Lawyers, and Other Professional Services (2003) and Implementing Value Pricing-A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms (2011).

Those of you that have heard Ron previously will know what a brilliant, inspiring, entertaining and thought provoking speaker he is. Ron confronts the conventional wisdom embodied in traditional professional firm business models, which operate by leveraging people and hours. This old model works but is suboptimal. There is a much better business model, utlilizing bold, proven strategies for restoring vitality and dynamism to professional firms of all sizes now being practiced by 1000’s of professionals all over the world.

A practice can be run more effectively when it becomes a knowledge firm rather than merely a product or service firm.

Together with Australian advocates of ‘firm of the future’ philosophies and value based pricing, these Forums will provide real life experiences and insights into how practices and their clients have and can adapt to this new and better business model.

Creating such a firm is not for everyone but if you are one of those who would like to learn more about a business model that has incredible benefits for you, your people and your clients then this will be a day you should not miss.