Pricing Power


I have written previously about the wonderful Art Of Value series of podcasts my US colleague Kirk Bowman puts together. searchCloser to home another colleague Steve Major runs a very successful business called Pricing Power dedicated to helping accountants, bookkeepers and advisory businesses to command the prices they deserve for the value they deliver.

In addition to his advisory services Steve also showcases a great podcast series where he has so far interviewed nearly 60 professionals from all over the world on pricing. It is much too hard to pick out any one interview as all are good and each interviewee comes to pricing from a different perspective and from a host of different industries and businesses. Interviewees to date have included;

  • the master value pricer himself and founder of the VeraSage Institute Ron Baker,
  • the "father" of enlightened accountants Paul Dunn now Chairman of BIG1 (Businesses for Good),
  • Costs lawyer Liz Harris who tells why clients want to pay for results not time,
  • Tim Williams,author of one of THE best marketing books for professionals "Positioning for Professionals
  • Adrian Simmonds,the deep thinking CPA,
  • Matthew Burgess,undisputedly one of Australia's most innovative lawyers,
  • Chris Farmand discusses the power of specialisation,
  • Dan Morris on the critical importance of having a value conversation with your customer,
  • Kirk Bowman on the Art of Value,
  • Ben Walker,the innovative accountant with the best coffee in Brisbane,
  • Mark Wickersham,author of "Effective Pricing For Accountants",
  • Jody Padar,who transitioned a family CPA practice into a 21st Century innovators delight,
  • Greg Kyte,full time CPA, part time stand up comic (or maybe the other way round?)
  • Jon Manning of Pricing Prophets,
  • Jason Blumer,founder of Thriveal
  • Ed Kless,the master on project management,
  • Jonathan Stark, on why your positioning eliminates the billable hour,

plus many others all sharing their unique stories and insights.

These podcasts will not only help you better understand the value you deliver to your clients but how you can better price for that value.

Oh and as I recently returned from the bi annual VeraSage Symposium in Boston (where unfortunately at the last minute Steve was unable to attend), episode #57 recorded by Kirk Bowman in Steve's absence,interviewing Ron Baker,Ed Kless and myself on the future of value pricing I think is worth listening to.

Happy (value) pricing!