Pricing on a whiteboard

Recently Verasage founder and The Soul Of Enterprise radio host Ron Baker, while visiting Australia for the highly successful ALPMA Summit, ran a Pricing Workshop in Brisbane for some clients of the unique Brisbane based legal provider Viewlegal. Dyan Burgess ,the amazingly talented other half of Viewlegal founder, 'lawentrepreneur' Matthew Burgess, had the role of being the visual note taker for the day.

So impressed was I with Dyan's handiwork that, with the kind permission of the Burgess', I wanted to share these visual notes with a wider audience. Here they are:

Those motivated professionals familiar with Ron's work who have already embarked on the timeless journey will hopefully look at these as a reminder of why we do what we do.

For others, these visuals might give you some insight into what you are missing out on.