Kirk Bowman's Art Of Value


Kirk_Bowman_About-240x300I have been extremely fortunate over the years-especially recent years- to meet and work with some incredibly wonderful,talented,and inspirational people.I could embarrass them by naming them but they know who they are. Kirk Bowman is one of those people however.I first met Kirk in 2011 at a VeraSage conference in Napa and heard then about his recent conversion to value based pricing catching up with him again 18 months later when he spoke of his further ongoing journeys of discovery in his business ( you can read about his journey here). In late 2013 after 4 years of practicing value based pricing Kirk launched Art Of Value primarily to assist other professionals with value based pricing and to create happier customers.

I am sure Kirk does some wonderful advisory and consulting work with his customers but bearing in mind we reside on different continents the thing I have found particularly impressive and compelling listening are Kirk's regular Art of Value podcasts.Kirk has interviewed scores of professionals from all walks of business over the last 18 months on how they create value for their customers and asks them to share the most important things they have learned about pricing and other facets of their business success.

No matter what profession or business you are in for anyone seriously interested in how to really create value for their customers I strongly recommend you look through Kirk's list of interviews to date and if you really cannot decide which one is best suited to you and your business maybe try the Best Of Show Kirk compiled earlier this year.

It is almost folly for me to pick out any interviews ahead of the rest but as a recovering lawyer and given many of you are involved in the law in one form or another I implore you to at least listen to Jay Shepherd's podcast Your Price Communicates Your Value. If you are an accountant you are blessed for interviews with Australia's Steve Major The State of Value Pricing (Downunder),Canada's Josh Zweig An Accountant Learns to Value Price, joint VeraSage founder Dan Morris's How To Have A Value Conversation,and founder of Thriveal CPA Network Jason Blumer's  Creating & Pricing High Value Services.

Of course no discussion on value is complete without listening to the interview with master value pricer himself Ron Baker Value Is Subjective Pricing Is Contextual.

As I said most of the lessons learned and stories told are not only scaleable but also transferable from profession to profession and one interview you should not miss is Agency professional Tim Williams The Magic & Logic Of Pricing.

Do yourself, your team, and your profession a favour by subscribing to these podcasts-and then go out and create real sustainable value for your customers.