In House Counsel Conference Friday 8 August 2014


leo cussenLeo Cussen Centre for Law In House Counsel Conference Friday 8 August 2014. Some great topics for In House lawyers including:

Fixed fees and Direct briefing-Passing fads or permanent trends?

With ever increasing pressure to cut costs and justify external legal spend, it is prudent for in-house counsel to explore whether the latest outsourcing trends can deliver the certainty and value for money they promise.  Are ‘direct briefing’ and ‘fixed fee arrangements’ just the latest buzzwords in legal practice or do they provide real and lasting benefits?

This session will examine the benefits and drawbacks of entering into fixed fee arrangements with private law firms and the key matters to be aware of when negotiating these arrangements.  It will also consider when it is appropriate to brief counsel directly, how to manage the process and the key risks of doing so.
Presented by:  
John Chisholm, Director, John Chisholm Consulting Cesar PiottiLegal Counsel, Global Litigation, The Shell Company of Australia Limited