Great Moderates in History

With kind permission from my friend and colleague Ron Baker I include a link to his most recent article posted on the Verasage website.

As usual from Ron it is a brilliant thought provoking article challenging us all. He quite succintly explains why, especially in the professions, most change happens evolutionary not revolutionary.

The use of the word "innovation" is bandied about pretty liberally these days-especially in professional firms but when you scratch the surface very few firms think, behave and act even remotely innovatively.

Comfort is an experience most professional firms fall into eventually-but like the proverbial lobster in the pot as the heat is very very slowly turned up, ever so slowly but surely the lobster experiences an increasing deep feeling of euphoria before it eventually dies (quite painlessly) without ever trying to escape and without ever knowing what really happened or why.

As Ron says at the moment though the choice to be a firm of the future or a firm of the past is ours.