Firm of the Future is here now

I know we talk about innovators in the legal profession and what the future of law might look like but it seems to me the law firm of the future may already be here. Chris Marston a young 33 year old Lawyer from Boston who I have known about and communicated with for a couple of years now but only recently met at the Alternative Fees Forum last week in San Francisco and then had the pleasure and privilege of spending a couple of days with he and Ron Baker at Ron Bakers place in Petaluma C.A.

Chris as you will see if you read on did not enter law in the usual way and therefore was not “conditioned” to accept some of the customs and mindsets we take as a given in order to practice law. He is a “protégé” of Ron Baker’s value pricing model, a senior fellow at The Versage Institute and is living proof that what Ron has espoused for many years can and does work in law firms.  In the face of US’s greatest recession his business is booming , he has opened 4 offices around US in last 12 months. He is quite literally turning clients away, selectively interviewing his clients and team members and attracting top talent from some of America’s BigLaw firms.

Chris is a pocket dynamo and genuine visionary to say the least whose law firm model has resulted in “fusion” between legal advice and business advice. Spend a few minutes and check out Chris’s (new) website:

Chris this month has also been awarded the honour of being selected by the American Bar Association as US’s newest legal “rebel”. Go to the ABA website link below and see what they say about Chris and Exemplar Law.

Yes I know Chris is young and I know it is USA and it is a start up practice and in many ways some are going to say far easier to do something like this and start anew than try and change current practices and mindsets in existing  established law firms.(hearing stories from Chris as to how long he has had to battle the regulators he may not agree).

Still I think many firms can take something from Chris’s model. At the very least we might be put on notice and appreciate that our competition in the future could possibly come from law firm’s such as Exemplar as more and more new generation lawyers and their clients decide the old law firm business model is not for them.

Anyway food for thought and would be interested in your views.