Everything you want to know about moving up the ranks but are too afraid to ask...

 Senior Associate/Future Leaders Program: Melbourne 12 May 2017.

Leo Cussen Centre for Law, 360 Little Bourke St, Melbourne


Join Andrew Barnes, Kate Chisholm, Andrew Clarke and me for this very popular high level, practical workshop that provides valuable insight into the essential qualities needed to enable lawyers to progress further in their firm. Designed specifically for lawyers at or near Senior Associate level, this program will outline the practical skills and knowledge necessary to deliver the outcomes that many firms expect now or will expect in the future. Being a technically good lawyer is only the first step to success. The key is knowing what it takes to make it as a leader in a law firm. Gain inside knowledge and give yourself a competitive edge by attending this Workshop. Topics covered include: •    Common attributes of the more successful law firms: why some firms succeed and others do not •    Trends, challenges and opportunities facing the legal profession •    How to build and maintain a sustainable client base, differentiate yourself from the      competition & stand out from the crowd •    Why understanding and being able to utilise technology is essential to your tool kit •    Firm profit drivers and what financial reports tell us and don’t tell us •    Billing and Pricing options for progressive lawyers •    What law firms look for in their leaders •    Motivating and inspiring your team •    The future of the profession - how it will affect you and how you can help shape it

My guest presenters:

AndrewBarnesAndrew Barnes, CEO, The Lantern Legal Group Pty Ltd

Previously Financial Controller, Andrew Barnes is the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of The Lantern Legal Group Pty Ltd, which incorporates the legal practices of Harwood Andrews and Sladen Legal. Andrew is also the National President of Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA), having previously served as Treasurer.

imgresPatrick Ng, Principal Consultant, Inplace Solutions

Patrick has almost 20 years’ experience within professional services, primarily 15 years as IT Director at national law firm Maddocks where he was key to how the Firm conducted its business, risk profile and operational relationships with clients. He has also consulted to manufacturers, educational institutions, retailers, property developers and tech firms and has been a guest speaker on legal tech on many occasions.

imagesKate Chisholm, HR Consultant, Pinsent Masons

Previously People & Culture Advisor at Maddocks, Kate has been with international law firm Pinsent Masons since mid 2015 shortly after they opened in Australia. Reporting directly to Head of Australia, Kate is responsible for all Pinsent Masons Australian HR needs including recruitment, career advancement, ongoing training and education.

andrew_clarke_2Andrew Clarke, Marketing Manager, Aitken Partners

Andrew has been working with law firms for more than two decades with firms such as (current names only) Ashurst, K+L Gates and Aitken Partners. His work has been multi-dimensional, including areas of strategy such as branding to basic media profiling, as well as the basics of task such as door signage. At Aitken Partners, where he currently works, he looks after the management of client events, web and social media, tenders and media relations, as well as brand and business strategy.


Total CPD Units: 6.0

Practice Management & Business Skills: 3.0 Professional Skills: 3.0


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