"Don't Do What You're Good At" says Jay Shepherd


Whilst in the USA in April I spent some time with my good friend and Verasage colleague, Jay Shepherd, in Boston. Jay is a recovering lawyer and now an extremely talented author and speaker. A few days before I arrived Jay was one of a handful of speakers chosen to present (yet again) at Matt Homann's "LexThink.1" at the 2013 American Bar Association Tech Show. I think you will find this video clip of Jay's presentation at ABA Tech Show inspiring and it should give you something to seriously ponder as you go about another work week.

The most common career advice is "do what you're good at." But do you ever wonder, "Is this it? What happened to putting a dent in the universe, and all that? Why aren't I happier? Why does it feel so much like work?"

It turns out that "do what you're good at" maybe bad advice. In this brilliant 6 minute video, Jay gives you five steps to be happier, disrupt your marketplace, and maybe even change the world.

Perhaps after viewing this clip you might ask yourself what "outstandingness" do I pursue- or what "outstandingness" could I pursue?

[video id="http://youtu.be/_Xd6KDb8Rmg"]

Click here to view Jay Shepherd's six-minute "LexThink .1" presentation.