Customer Service......nah don't think so!

Having trouble with my iPhone the other day so waltzed into local phone shop (better not say which carrier  but you will work it out). Admittedly it was lunchtime but there were no other other customers in the shop. Just me and 2 senior manager types who were at the Service Desk ( a great misnomer as I was to discover) looking earnestly at a screen and 2 young female  assistants towards back of the shop showing off their respective tattoos to each other. Well I waited at the Service Desk whilst the 2 manager types were in deep conversation about whatever was on their screen..and I waited...5 minutes....10 minutes...and waited some more.....meanwhile no eye contact was being made by these 2 (how do they teach them to do that at Phone Customer School? is  a real art I must confess).

Then the Service Desk phone rang in front of me/us and guess what?... manager type 1 picked it up and then started dealing with the customer on the phone! Meanwhile I waited and stared at manager type 2 trying to make eye contact (she was good and disciplined I will give her that)...and waited some more. Then another customer  walked in the shop and stood behind me whereupon manager type 2 looked up from her screen and said ( now get... this no kidding)."who's next... anybody waiting?".

OK fair enough I could no longer control myself. I felt like saying "not me I am not here for any service just whittling away the day with nothing else to do so serve Johnny Come Lately behind me". Instead I told manager type 2 of course I am next, of course I am waiting for service and have been for some time and have been standing in front of you less than a metre away for 20 minutes.

Manager type 2 then said she didnt see me and I replied that is not true. She then said they were terribly busy and it was lunchtime and they were short staffed. I reminded manager type 2 that there was no other customer sin her shop,that there were 2 other female assistants in the shop and was then told by manager type 2 they were on their lunchbreak (its OK to share tattoos in the shop in front of customers apparently as long as its on your lunchbreak). I also told manager type 1 they were not so busy as to not pick up the phone when it rang.

She then informed  me it was company policy to pick up the phone (no I am not kidding but apparently not company policy to actually serve customers in the shop in a reasonable time).

I told her that at one stage I felt like looking for the shop's phone no so I could ring it whilst standing in front of her so I could get some service. She replied I didnt need to be that rude. She is right I didnt need to be that rude.

And I don't need to be a customer of that company either.