Applying Lipstick On The Oldlaw Pig

Dear Oldlaw,

You will buy technology and call it innovation.

You will subscribe to retrospective benchmarking and call it your future.

You will imitate your competitors' claims and say you are different.

You will cross sell your services and call it collaboration.

You will do annual performance reviews of your staff and call it motivation.

You will make your "fee earners" account for every 6 minutes of their day and call it inspiration.

You will offer billable hours in drag and call it fixed pricing.

You will buy business and call it lateral hiring.

But you will never, ever change your business model of leveraging people x time x hourly rate because that would be called disruption.

Remaining Oldlaw always.

Transformationally & genuinely yours,


@ChisConsult "Influencing motivated professionals to make a difference"