5 Years until Legal Profession "Endgame"?


Professor Richard SusskindHere is a link to yet another thought provoking and challenging article from Professor Richard Susskind ( who gave us "The End of Lawyers?: rethinking the nature of legal services") once again predicting enormous changes in the profession and our relationship with our clients over the next 5 years or so susskind 5 years until legal market faces endgame

Although Professor Susskind focusses on the greater use of technology and outsourcing of some legal services it is difficult if not impossible to outsource judgement calls which ought to be the real value lawyers provide to our clients. However to a large degree as a profession we only have ourselves to blame if we have become too reliant on focussing on- and charging for- many of those services Susskind refers to. His comments though that " ...agents of change may not be the lawyers" should still be particularly worrying.

The general theme of constant change and yet more and more disruptors to the market is consistent with numerous posts from many other commentators and observers- a couple of which are also linked below

kowalski-the clock is ticking in five years traditional law firms maybe extinct 

paul lippe- the rise of the non-firm firms

Maybe the clock is ticking-and the "endgame" might even come sooner rather than later for some-especially for those that do not understand their real skills and the real value they add-or should add- to their clients?