25 Secrets To Success With Alternative Fee Arrangements: a free eBook

959d6687-cover-small_0e70hc0e60hb000000 OK I would prefer that the words "Alternative Fee Arrangements" were dropped from the legal profession vernacula and replaced with "Appropriate Fee Arrangements" or "Agreed Fee Arrangements" but moving on.

If you are a law firm and have even the remotest interest in other ways of pricing your services instead of by time (and lets face it that should be every firm) LegalTrek have put together 25 articles from some of legal worlds most influential professionals,legal commentators and pricing experts on why and how you can change your pricing model.

25 Secrets to Success With Alternative Fee Arrangements is one of the most comprehensive guides to date on this most important topic that many law firms and their clients are still grappling with.

Among the several good articles and insights assembled,you will read what the world's most recognised value pricing guru for professional firms Ron Baker has to say about who should be in charge of pricing at your firm;why Ed Kless believes lawyers need to recognise that duration not effort is the more important metric for both lawyer and customer; Validatum founder Richard Burcher's views on the underlying principles necessary for successful AFA's; Lean law evangelist Kenneth Grady on 2 proposals for making AFA's mainstream; Dr George Beaton's articles based on his extensive research into law firms selling habits and clients buying habits;LegalBizDev's Jim Hassett on what he believes clients can do to increase the value they get from their external law firms;and why yours truly thinks timesheets are killing your business.

Then you have the views from the trenches.Those firms that have actually made the transition from time based billing to timeless pricing or have started entirely new business models like ViewLegal's Matthew Burgess,David Wells at Moores,Marque Lawyers Michael Bradley,David Vilensky at Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky,Canadian lawyer Allison Speigel and Bespoke's Jeremy Szwider.

A necessary compendium for any law firm.