In 2010, whilst completing my studies I met John Chisholm, who introduced me to the ‘traditional’ professional firm business model and many other ideas relating to professional firm management. He also introduced me to Ron Baker and value based pricing, and soon enough, I too developed a passion for trying to solve the many challenges of pricing and operating without billable hours, improving engagement and productivity, and keeping clients happy.

Since then, I have worked with John Chisholm Consulting on a part time basis, assisting with improving our own internal systems as well as providing our clients with recommendations and solutions in various aspects of professional firm management including:

-  non-time based pricing strategies & analysis

-  key predictive indicators & performance management

-  marketing strategy & implementation

-  website structuring & digital communications

-  policy development and planning (probity, social media, communications,)

-  individual, group and firm profitability analysis

-  developing business plans

-  and working with John to facilitate planning days, firm retreats and culture reviews.

I maintain a keen interest in the works of various authors and thought leaders in behavioural economics, business management, leadership and innovation, among them Peter Drucker, Dan Ariely, Ronald Baker, Dan Pink, Rory Sutherland, Peter Block and Daniel Kahneman.

I am also a member of the Verasage Institute and was involved with Firm of the Future Forums in Australia, March 2012 with Ron Baker & other Verasage fellows, and was invited to attend the Verasage Conference in Napa, 2011.